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What are you doing with that dusty instrument that has been sitting on the shelf for years? How would you like for it to be put to beneficial use. We would appreciate any musical instrument, microphones, or sound equipment donations in any condition, dusty, old or new to use within our programs to provide for our students that need extra assistance.


Our students come from all walk of life. Our motto is to not turn down any student regardless of ability to pay. We want to make sure that each student has the same opportunity within the arts. This donation goes into a scholarship trust account to sponsor a student that needs the extra assistance. 


We at Harmonies of Hope appreciate any cash donation offered to help sustain our program. Donations, unless there are specific requests, will go towards paying our operational cost, purchasing supplies, and scholarship funds to offer to our your that needs extra assistance to name a few.  Please click below to donate. Thank you for your contribution.

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