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Group Vocal Lessons

Beginner Group

With the Basic Vocal Technique Workshop, students should not expect to perfect their singing skills. Group lessons are a great opportunity for our students to gain some basic knowledge and skills in a pressure-free setting at an affordable price.  Students can learn about good singing technique along with to learning to focus on his/hers particular interests or needs. Our group classes offers two-hour sessions in which each student will learn the basics of good, healthy singing technique. Students will learn about vocal anatomy, proper breathing and balanced tone, as well as vocal registers and vocal health.  All materials and handouts will be provided. The goal of our group classes is to provide a general overview of the voice and to equip our students with some knowledge and basic vocal skills. Students who are interested in studying more seriously and long-term should consider scheduling private lessons.

Intermediate Group

This group session is intended for students who have already had some formal vocal training (either with other instructors or programs) and have developed a solid grasp of basic technique (diaphragmatic breathing, overall tonal balance and the ability to sing in all registers). Students will learn about the concept of appoggio breathing technique to help them make better use of their breath and sustain notes for longer. Balanced tone will be treated in greater depth, including the science of formants and vocal tract shaping, as well as how to eliminate common technical errors. Register breaks will be addressed and techniques to repair them to create evenness throughout the vocal range, or blend the registers also will be taught. Vibrato will also be a part of the lessons.

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